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Elephants and Zebras

  Imagine an oasis in the Kalahari desert, isolated by many miles of searing desert. A large tribe of elephants live in the vicinity of the oasis, eating the vegetation surrounding the water of the oasis. The fertility of the vegetation is maintained mainly by the excrement from a herd of unusually productive zebras, as […]

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2011 Predictions

In early 2011 the Libertarian SA site invited predictions for various indicators for 31st December 2011, as had been done for numerous years before. Five people responded, hoping to join the illustrious group of winners from the past. Unfortunately, for various reasons, I was very late in calculating the results, but finally, here they are. […]

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Ja, Well, No, Fine the authorities

By Trevor Watkins When the authorities wish to discipline their citizens for some action or omission, they usually start by issuing a fine.  This is meant to remind you that you have done wrong, that you are being punished, and that if you do wrong again, you will be punished again.  Given the enthusiasm with […]

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SPEECH BY F W DE KLERK TO THE ADELE SEARLL LADIES 100 CLUB: MOUNT NELSON HOTEL, CAPE TOWN, 1 JUNE 2011 SOUTH AFRICA 2011: THE BALANCE BETWEEN FAILURE AND SUCCESS It is a great pleasure for me to address this gathering of Cape Town’s most influential women leaders. The venue is also splendid. I always […]

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T Watkins – How I would promote individual liberty in South Africa

By Trevor Watkins This essay was written by me to provide a benchmark, a control, for the evaluation of the 14 entrants in the Glenister Grant FreedomFest Essay competition.  It demonstrates the qualities I personally am looking for in the submitted essays – original ideas, practical (as opposed to overly theoretical), compatible and consistent with […]

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