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Kapow! on Ayn Rand

Posted on behalf of Katharine Louw. Ayn Rand had more than one sex scene, first of all. But secondly, I don’t think her attitudes toward sex are important. I know many Libertarians who have some very odd and perturbed attitudes and fascinations with sex… far more strange than Ayn Rand. I don’t think she condemned […]

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Libertarian Seminars Comprehensive List

No Dates Venue Topics Notes 1 1985 Nebo  Eastern Free State 1. Conservation and endangered species – a libertarian view – Trevor Watkins Organizer -Frances Kendall following suggestion from Ria Crafford 2 1986 Mont-aux-Sources hotel   Organisers – Charl Heydenrych, Trevor Watkins. Security Police spy also attended. 3 1987 Little Switzerland Eugene Nyati, Wiseman Nkuhlu, […]

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