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Law, Legislation and Liberty

Friedrich Hayek’s Law, Legislation and Liberty – a personal evaluation. By Trevor Watkins I recently had the pleasure of reading F Hayek’s seminal work “Law, Legislation and Liberty”. I found the experience rather like reading Ayn Rand for the first time – an unexpected epiphany, one profound insight after another. The book was first published […]

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Ja, Well, No, Fine the authorities

By Trevor Watkins When the authorities wish to discipline their citizens for some action or omission, they usually start by issuing a fine.  This is meant to remind you that you have done wrong, that you are being punished, and that if you do wrong again, you will be punished again.  Given the enthusiasm with […]

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SPEECH BY F W DE KLERK TO THE ADELE SEARLL LADIES 100 CLUB: MOUNT NELSON HOTEL, CAPE TOWN, 1 JUNE 2011 SOUTH AFRICA 2011: THE BALANCE BETWEEN FAILURE AND SUCCESS It is a great pleasure for me to address this gathering of Cape Town’s most influential women leaders. The venue is also splendid. I always […]

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Democracy versus Liberty

Democracy versus Liberty – Globe Asia – February 2011 “Professor Hanke provides one of the most insightful analyses of the Founding Fathers and their documents that I have ever read. Instead of considering the Founders’ documents with our present views, biases and prejudices, he focuses on their essential, original meaning. Many will be shocked to learn that […]

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Citizens’ Recall

Who is accountable for the mess South Africa is in today? Nobody! That’s our problem. We have very limited mechanisms for holding the incompetents and crooks accountable, so our problems continue and escalate.  Our much touted constitution has let the people of South Africa down badly in the area of official accountability. As a citizen […]

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