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Law, Legislation and Liberty

Friedrich Hayek’s Law, Legislation and Liberty – a personal evaluation. By Trevor Watkins I recently had the pleasure of reading F Hayek’s seminal work “Law, Legislation and Liberty”. I found the experience rather like reading Ayn Rand for the first time – an unexpected epiphany, one profound insight after another. The book was first published […]

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Libertarians and the Walking Dead

By Trevor Watkins I recently watched the first 3 seasons of the American TV series called “The Walking Dead” (Season 4 is available on the Fox Channel on DSTV in South Africa). As one critic described it, “Its a zombie apocalypse TV series made with cinema level quality and script. Go figure.” Despite the gallons […]

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The Hundredth Man

Imagine that there is a small community, of say a hundred people. These hundred people slog all day every day merely to survive. They live at the foot of a mountain, and the only water is at a spring near the top of the mountain. They must have water, so every day every one of […]

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Don’t Touch My Junk

TIA Daily • November 19, 2010 FEATURE ARTICLE Don’t Touch My Junk The Second Phase of the Rebellion Against Out-of-Control Government by Robert Tracinski By now, you’ve all heard of John Tyner, the 31-year-old software engineer who ascended to folk hero status when he recorded a testy exchange with TSA airport screeners who wanted to subject […]

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The Consent Axiom

I believe that the basis for successful human coexistence can be reduced to a single statement, a single concept. This statement is the Consent Axiom: No action without consent This statement is as brief and uncompromising as the biblical 5th commandment, “Thou shalt not kill”.  Like most 4 word sentences, some further elaboration is required […]

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