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Partnership with Posterity

by Jeremy Burnham You can find some powerful ideas if you listen to Nature.   Conservationist and futurist Hank Patton has been thirty years patiently working the land and building a Biodiversity Reserve up the Columbia Gorge.   Now he emerges with a model that could revolutionize our approach to business  –  an alternative to the model […]

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Fracking good question

I’d really appreciate a Libertarian view of fracking in the Karoo, and related issues. Do private sector companies have any real concern for the environment, and do they act accordingly? Do we need a regulatory framework to protect the environment? If it were allowed to, would Shell go ahead and frack, largely regardless of the […]

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The Hundredth Man

Imagine that there is a small community, of say a hundred people. These hundred people slog all day every day merely to survive. They live at the foot of a mountain, and the only water is at a spring near the top of the mountain. They must have water, so every day every one of […]

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Economics is childs’ play

10 children are invited to a birthday party. As they arrive, they are each given 3 golden tokens. The host explains that they will play various games with great prizes using these tokens. In the first game the prize is a brand new bicycle, which the host says he will give to whichever child offers […]

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Socialism vs Capitalism

I recently asked a friend if he could think of 5 reasons why socialism was better than capitalism. He replied as follows: Socialism is by far the world’s most successful idea. [Socialist] governments everywhere out-perform all other organisations (churches, clubs, co-ops, companies, partnership, owner-enterprises, traditional communities etc) by a massive margin judged according to all […]

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