30th Libertarian Spring Seminar

Orania – 8 to 11 October 2015


List of Videos & Audio files from the SA Libertarian Seminar Held at Orania, Karoo on 8 – 11 October 2015

  1. Andrew Kenny, Africans and Afrikaaners https://youtu.be/XNMbR877v70 Unlisted1 hr 5 min
  2. Charl Heydenrych, The Status of the SA Libertarian Party https://youtu.be/QSpwsink-WQ Unlisted 15 min
  3. Dawie Swanepoel, RW Johnson https://youtu.be/XT5oVsNYSSA Unlisted 57 min
  4. Garth Zietsman, The Pursuit of Reason https://youtu.be/SEFeEfElhAU Unlisted1 hr 5 min
  5. Gary Moore, Patently Obvious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9k9UX65_zBg Unlisted34 min
  6. Gavin Weiman, Time Travel, Magi & Anarchy https://youtu.be/Nj9Tcfo0Z2k Unlisted58 min
  7. Jack Miller, The Cape Party  https://youtu.be/8mx_X8reYQk Unlisted1 hr 3 min
  8. Jaco Kleynhans, Orania https://youtu.be/b37aMzWwvDk Unlisted”  1 hr 44 min
  9. Leon Louw, The Fallacy of Inequality  https://youtu.be/hyGU4KsOndE  Unlisted1 hr 2 min
  10. Leon Louw, Why People Do Not Want Orania to Secede  https://youtu.be/iBVgyeON53o  Unlisted 56 min
  11. Ron Weissenberg, State vs Standard Bank https://youtu.be/0yWtttqic38  Unlisted28 min
  12. Schalk Dormehl, Smart Contracts, DAO’s & Prediction Markets https://youtu.be/1tfXjBQ3MSY  Unlisted57 min
  13. Stephen van Jaarsveld, How Orania Stumbled Upon Ricardo’s Comparative Advantage   https://youtu.be/aSR4jIa3970  Unlisted35 min
  14. Stephen van Jaarsveld, The Fluid Nature of Cultural Identity https://youtu.be/-AnhUh9IVXk  Unlisted49 min
  15. Trevor Watkins, Hayek’s Law, Legislation & Liberty https://youtu.be/j3r-AYws6MY  Unlisted58 min

The YouTube Videos are published as “Unlisted”  and not “Public”. 

Audio Files and Photos are available at:


Peter Elstob 15th October 2015

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