The Libertarian Society has collected a bunch of articles, presentations and documents over the years which currently reside on my aging hard drive. Rather than have them disappear in a puff of metaphysical smoke, I have decided to upload them to this blog, where you, dear reader, may download and enjoy them at your peril.

If you think I have infringed your copyright by placing these documents here, write me an article justifying intellectual property rights, and I might consider removing them.


Ria Crafford Awards The list of winners of the Ria Crafford award at the Libertarian Spring Seminars.

Alpine Heath Program The program from the Alpine Heath Seminar in 2001.

Privatization_and_Regulation_in_SA_An_Evaluation Useful facts on privatisation in SA

Swarmwise-2013-by-Rick-Falkvinge-v1.1-2013Sep01 A description of the unique swarmwise approach to organisation, by the founder of the Swedish Pirate Party.

The Authoritarians An excellent short book on the nature and origin of authoritarians.

Encyclopedia of Libertarianism A good resource for explaining many of the terms and concepts involved in Libertarian ideas.

  1. The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism | Libertarian SA

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