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The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism

I have recently come across an excellent resource called the Encyclopedia of Libertarianism, which can be downloaded here or on our Downloads page. It consists of thoughtful articles on a host of topics of interest to current and aspiring libertarians. I particularly recommend the General Introduction, which gives a fascinating insight into the history of liberal and […]


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Law, Legislation and Liberty

Friedrich Hayek’s Law, Legislation and Liberty – a personal evaluation. By Trevor Watkins I recently had the pleasure of reading F Hayek’s seminal work “Law, Legislation and Liberty”. I found the experience rather like reading Ayn Rand for the first time – an unexpected epiphany, one profound insight after another. The book was first published […]

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Suffer no fools

Interesting if somewhat lengthy program on the life and times and thoughts of Walter Williams. Should be prescribed viewing for every ANC member in this country….

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The Wolf of Wall Street

By Trevor Watkins I watched the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” last night. It is a bio-pic about the life of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo di Caprio. It is a gruelling, action-packed, 3 hour movie, alternately entertaining, horrifying and enlightening. It is a better movie than I […]

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Economics is childs’ play

10 children are invited to a birthday party. As they arrive, they are each given 3 golden tokens. The host explains that they will play various games with great prizes using these tokens. In the first game the prize is a brand new bicycle, which the host says he will give to whichever child offers […]

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The Consent Axiom

I believe that the basis for successful human coexistence can be reduced to a single statement, a single concept. This statement is the Consent Axiom: No action without consent This statement is as brief and uncompromising as the biblical 5th commandment, “Thou shalt not kill”.  Like most 4 word sentences, some further elaboration is required […]

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Libertarian Seminars Comprehensive List

No Dates Venue Topics Notes 1 1985 Nebo  Eastern Free State 1. Conservation and endangered species – a libertarian view – Trevor Watkins Organizer -Frances Kendall following suggestion from Ria Crafford 2 1986 Mont-aux-Sources hotel   Organisers – Charl Heydenrych, Trevor Watkins. Security Police spy also attended. 3 1987 Little Switzerland Eugene Nyati, Wiseman Nkuhlu, […]

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