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Law, Legislation and Liberty

Friedrich Hayek’s Law, Legislation and Liberty – a personal evaluation. By Trevor Watkins I recently had the pleasure of reading F Hayek’s seminal work “Law, Legislation and Liberty”. I found the experience rather like reading Ayn Rand for the first time – an unexpected epiphany, one profound insight after another. The book was first published […]

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The Wolf of Wall Street

By Trevor Watkins I watched the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” last night. It is a bio-pic about the life of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo di Caprio. It is a gruelling, action-packed, 3 hour movie, alternately entertaining, horrifying and enlightening. It is a better movie than I […]

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2011 Predictions

In early 2011 the Libertarian SA site invited predictions for various indicators for 31st December 2011, as had been done for numerous years before. Five people responded, hoping to join the illustrious group of winners from the past. Unfortunately, for various reasons, I was very late in calculating the results, but finally, here they are. […]

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Partnership with Posterity

by Jeremy Burnham You can find some powerful ideas if you listen to Nature.   Conservationist and futurist Hank Patton has been thirty years patiently working the land and building a Biodiversity Reserve up the Columbia Gorge.   Now he emerges with a model that could revolutionize our approach to business  –  an alternative to the model […]

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Garreth Bloor – How I would promote individual liberty in South Africa

This is the essay and motivation contributed by Garreth Bloor  as his entry in the recent Freedomfest competition sponsored by Bob Glenister. Freedom in South Africa: Jobs, not dependency Entrepreneurship and small business development is not optional. If entrepreneurship is to be successful it must exist within a legal and political framework that protects private […]

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Which are the most libertarian countries?

Posted on behalf of Garth Zietsman By definition libertarians favor liberty in all areas of life.  Usually they expand by saying they are fiscal conservatives and social liberals.  So why is it that actual libertarians associate and cooperate with conservatives/Republicans and not with liberals/Democrats? Clearly they put more weight on economic liberty than social liberty […]



Fracking good question

I’d really appreciate a Libertarian view of fracking in the Karoo, and related issues. Do private sector companies have any real concern for the environment, and do they act accordingly? Do we need a regulatory framework to protect the environment? If it were allowed to, would Shell go ahead and frack, largely regardless of the […]

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2010 Predictions

Click here to obtain original Excel predictions spreadsheet – 2010-2002 predictions . Happy New Year to our many thousands of readers! With the new year comes the analysis of the predictions made by 8 intrepid prognosticators in the course of 2010, and an opportunity to add your own predictions for 2011. Read further for details. Predictions […]

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The Coming Collapse

I recently received a “paid for” advert email, which I found interesting and worth the long listen. Although the advert finally tries to sell you something (otherwise what would be the point), the points made along the way in a surprisingly low key fashion interested me. The speaker predicts the end of the dollar as a global […]

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The Hundredth Man

Imagine that there is a small community, of say a hundred people. These hundred people slog all day every day merely to survive. They live at the foot of a mountain, and the only water is at a spring near the top of the mountain. They must have water, so every day every one of […]

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