27th Libertarian Seminar – 2012 in Grahamstown

27th Libertarian Spring Seminar

 Hotel Victoria Mews, Grahamstown, Saturday 17th November 2012 – Monday 19th November 2012

Although small in numbers, this was an enjoyable seminar with many excellent and original presentations, and several new faces (The old faces were mainly noticeable by their absence). Sitting in a large U format made it easy for each delegate to see the other, and allowed easy interaction between delegates during question time.

Each talk was recorded, and may be downloaded from the program following (The files are quite large 100-200mb). Powerpoint presentations for some of the talks are also available here (click on the filename to download to your computer). If you load the Powerpoint slides and listen to the audio file, you have a reasonably complete experience of the talk.

2012-11-17 09.48.52

Saturday 17th November Sunday 18th November Monday 19th November
9-10 Trevor Watkins
A Mission to Civilise Who are we and what should we be doing?
Slides-A Mission to Civilise
Text-World Happiness Report
Audio-A Mission to civilise
9-10 Loraine Weissenberg
Libertarians from a distance How we look to sane people
Audio-Libertarians from a distance
10-11 Colin Bower
The Myth of Unique Suffering Is the story of unique SA suffering fiction or non-fiction?
The myth of unique suffering audio
Slides – The Myth of Unique Suffering
10-11 Loane Sharp
SA Labour Market – Trends and Issues
Slides-SA Labour Market Update
Audio-SA Labour market update
10-11 Roland Kroon What we can do to fix the environment.
Audio-What we can do to fix the environment
11-11.30 Tea 11-11.30 Tea 11-11.30 Tea
11.30-12.30 Mario Oriani-AmbrosiniA Libertarian Manifesto
Text-A Libertarian Manifesto
Audio-A Libertarian Manifesto
11.30-12.30 Paul Hjul
Be Liberal in what you do; be Libertarian in what you expect from others: Has the “Liberal Agenda” produced a bad and unsustainable South African constitution or is Rand Paul simply wrong?
Slides-Be Liberal in what you do
Audio-Be liberal in what you do
11.30-12.30 4 by 12 minute presentations 15 – 18
John Luscombe Farming 2.0
Slides-Farming 2.0 Konsortium Holdings
Audio-Farming 2.0
Neil Emerick
Economic Freedom of the World report
Slides-EFW 2012
Audio-EFW 2012
12.30-13.30  Frances Kendall
Is rationality possible?  How your unconscious mind shapes & subverts your reason
Audio – Is rationality possible
Slides-Thinking fast and slow
12.30-13.00 Reportbacks
12.30-14.00 Lunch 13.30-16.00 Lunch 13.00-16.00 Lunch
14.00-16.00 Public Meeting
Ivo Vegter/Dr B De Klerk
What’s the fracking problem?
Slides – Geology of the Karoo
Audio-The fracking problem
16.00-17.00 Ivo Vegter
Extreme Environmentalism An overview of his new book.
Audio – Extreme Environmentalism
17.00-18.00 Ron Weissenberg/Kirstin Krauss
Understanding the Nguni
Text – Understanding the Nguni
Audio-Understanding the Nguni
17.00-18.00 Leon Louw
The gorilla in the room: how your senses dupe your brain.
Slides-Gorilla in the Room
Audio-Gorilla in the room
19.00 Dinner 19.00 Dinner  
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