Koketso Sebolai – The best way to promote Individual Freedom in South Africa

his is the essay and motivation contributed by Koketso Sebolai as his entry in the recent Freedomfest competition sponsored by Bob Glenister. 


South Africans have considered themselves and the Country as free. That’s mainly because for over 40 years we were enslaved by the apartheid regime. When it comes to Individual Freedom most of us inSouth Africaare not even close to smelling Individual Freedom Pie.

“The best way to promote Individual Freedom in South Africa”

The best way is to tell people about it. Yes! Word of mouth its by far the best tool to introduce Individual Freedom to the people ofSouth Africa. How? By hosting workshops, a large number of people in South Africa enjoy attending workshops mainly because it’s where they get information on matters of interest to them. This workshops can be hosted in schools, churches, libraries even on a sport ground on a Sunny day.

I don’t often hear the words Individual Freedom from South Africans, so the best way to introduce and inform people about Individual Freedom is to blend the subject in to a topic that will get the people to want to participate and South Africans have a great interest on the Political and Economic Environment influencing there life. South Africans from different walks of life we all talk about our governments and the Economic situation of the Country even in Bars.

Workshops will give the participants a chance to discuss and share opinions. Literature is also an important part of the workshop as it will help the participants to review case studies of how other countries with closely similar challenges are managing to solve the challenges  facing South Africans and also look into why other country are struggling and others are thriving. This will help participants to look into issues of the Countries Policies, both Political and Economical and start questioning ways in which South Africa is governed and how Individual South Africans can help drive the environment to not only benefit the Country but also the Individual citizens of the country.

Workshops are a great way to start making people talk, and this will lead people wanting to know more about Individual Freedom, which they will also share their excitement with families, friends and debate the issues on social networks.

There’ll be more than just Politics and Economic debate as these will drive people to speak of their own contributions as Individuals to make the Country work for all.

This suggested best way can only work in South Africa if there are willing people who are able to drive the project forward, I am. With the help of organisations around South Africa and the world that are for the same cause, I see this as the best way to get Individual freedom as the song on every South Africans lips.

Individual Freedom will be understood when blended with the holistic environmental issues of South Africa.

“Why I should be send to Freedom Fest.”


The Freedom Fest will be filled with people who have been promoting the ideas of Individual Freedom for many years and there will be many others who will be there to learn and get a better understanding of  the concept of Individual Freedom, so to able to go and share it with others or for there own interest.

“Why I should be send to Freedom Fest”

The Freedom fest will give me an opportunity to meet people who understand Individual Freedom and those who want to learn more about the concept of Freedom, like me. I will like to hear other peoples experience on what Freedom means to them how they attained it or planning to attain it and hear how others who have attained Individual Freedom are helping others to have the experience of Freedom.

Being at the Freedom Fest will allow me to also share my experience of what I consider to be some of the freedom I have enjoyed and those I haven’t experienced and help me come back with a better understanding of my own Individual freedom.

Going to the Freedom Fest will help me to network with relevant people who might help me with implementing my best way to promote Individual Freedom in South Africa by giving ideas and suggestions, the journey will also provide me with a network of people from different organisations who are working for the same cause which I can work with as resources that I can suggest to South Africans who want a better understand of the concept of Freedom

The Freedom Fest might just inspire me to be a champion for Individual Liberty in my Country.

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    The best way to promote individual liberty

    It all begins with an individual individually,from home,to work and the civil society in general.
    Imagine if all the individuals can make contributions to individual liberty on daily basis by focusing on how to make ones life better this can be a libertarian society,because you cannot help the other individual if you cant help youself(self reliance)

    The challenge in our country is that the citizens rely on goverment and organisational hand outs,including aid and the tender-prenuership and cadre deployement.Rather than individual property rights consolidated with the intellectual property rights.(Individuals must now start to own their lives).

    However the high unconstitutional and unpresidented corruption will still be rive because of the lack of individual right for individual liberty.

    Exactly what is happenning within the ANC lack of individual rights you need to be a comrade,comrade to be a comrade.
    Meaning you are no longer an ANC member you are someone elses member .Eg Ministre mashatiles member,or Premier Mokonyanes member or Malemas member,so individual liberty is a basic to all the liberties in the individuals property right.


    • #2 by Koki on June 10, 2015 - 2:35 am

      Some libertarians just talk too much and write books.non of them is really out there on the ground level making a difference,thet all sitting comfortably talking,complaning actually

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