Kate Louw – How I would promote individual liberty in South Africa

The best way for me to promote individual liberty in South Africa would be for me to join the Free Market Foundation full time. However I doubt I will do that any time soon. Another way would be for me to pursue my interest in the political freedom of the most helpless sector of the population – children. In my lifetime I would love to see the education system of South Africa liberated.

In order to achieve this I would begin by doing extensive research. I have connections to Libertarian thinkers on the topic. I will start here. I then have connections to people who have been teaching in the South African education system for a number of years. I would like to engage them to gain from their knowledge and experience. Further I would like to gain a thorough understanding of the government’s present and historical approach to education. I think it is crucial that I have a thorough understanding of the system I would like to impact. Finally, I would like to round off my research by acquainting myself with the ideas of Maria Montessori, Ken Robinson, Rudolph Steiner and other innovative thinkers. The beauty of a free system is it allows for all the ingenious ideas to be tried out on an equal footing in parallel. Libertarians don’t have to choose the best system – since all the systems can be executed freely and independently. They will be judged only by their performance in the real world and will have to survive market forces – so through the same mechanism as evolution, the best system/s will flourish.

Once the research is complete, I would like to compile a summary of my findings – including my views and thoughts. This document could be transformed into an article or essay as required. Then I would ingest and process the information. Ultimately I would like to come up with a strategy to make a difference in South Africa. In order to do this I would not only think for myself, but I would also consult people I know that have made a difference in the country and I would ask for advice and guidance from them.

Perhaps the best avenue is to write articles and try and reach a wide audience. Maybe I could employ my creative friends and develop entertaining but thought provoking you‐tube videos. It might be that I should try and attain audience with government authorities or people with influence and power. I may have to seek financing, sponsorship or grants from donors.

I would like to involve the people I know of who are interested in freeing up education. Often making an impact is about who you know and who is known by those whom you know. I would therefore like to employ the magic of social networking in my endeavours. I believe social networking is turning over a new leaf of possibility in social change and we are only beginning to see the power it.

Kate Louw 2011/06/26



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  1. #1 by Kevin Tsehisi on July 5, 2011 - 11:51 am

    Kate Louw you are the best make us proud South Africa is looking up to you, promote individual in south Africa.

  2. #2 by katylouw on July 10, 2011 - 2:17 pm

    Thank you Kevin! Good to hear from you…

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