I Swart – How I would promote individual liberty in South Africa

This is the essay and motivation contributed by I Swart as her entry in the recent Freedomfest competition sponsored by Bob Glenister

The Best Way to Promote Individual Freedom in South Africa, is by actively encouraging a value system that encompasses doing no harm, whilst taking responsibility for one’s actions. Individual freedom cannot be attained when a culture of blame persists (as in South Africa) and people perceive that they have rights, but no duties. The positive aspects of the various freedom concepts of free speech, free will, freedom of association, freedom of contract, freedom to trade, free market etc, if promoted through the school system and the media, may also, over time, lead to the promotion of greater individual freedom in South Africa.


Why I should be sent to FreedomFest:-  because I wish to learn more about individual freedom and how it is promoted in other countries. South Africa has diverse cultures some of which lend themselves to easier assimilation of the individual freedom concept. How are libertarians from ‘group culture dominant’ countries promoting individual freedom in their countries? I’m sure we have a lot to learn from them and I would like to learn from others at FreedomFest. Individual freedom can free the entrepreneurial spirit and this is vitally important for the economic future of South Africa and its people.


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