Terms & Conditions of the “Glenister Grant”

Bob Glenister (”Glenister”) has very generously agreed to sponsor two individuals to travel to the 2011 FreedomFest  conference to be held in Las Vegas from 14th to 16th July 2011 (www.freedomfest.com)(“FreedomFest”).  He has proposed that the decision as to who should go should be made by Leon Louw (“Louw”) and Trevor Watkins (“Watkins”).  This document sets out the terms and conditions of how this grant will be decided.

  1. The choice of 2 individuals to take up this grant will be decided by means of an essay competition.
  2. Anyone resident in South Africa is eligible to enter the competition.
  3. Anyone entering the competition must be in current possession of valid travel documents for travel to the USA, with the exception of a visa, which, if not already obtained,  must be applied for forthwith on confirmation of success in this competition.
  4. Anyone entering the competition must accept responsibility for all incidental expenses not specifically covered by this grant. The award consists of an economy class air ticket to and from a South African Airport closest to the winners location, an economy class air ticket to and from Las Vegas in the United States, airport bus or shuttle transfers (for which vouchers must be submitted), bed and breakfast at a three star hotel, FreedomFest registration expenses, and a single lump sum of US$200. All additional expenses will be exclusively for the awardees’ own account.
  5. All entrants to the essay competition are required to submit two essays in English of no more than 500 words each on:
    1.  “The best way to promote individual freedom in South Africa” and
    2.  “Why I should be sent to FreedomFest .”
  6. The essays must be submitted via email to base37@gmail.com and leonlouw1@gmail.com to arrive before 6pm on Friday 10th June 2011. No late entries will be considered. The judges will communicate their choice of  winning entrants to Bob Glenister and all other competitors via email by no later than 12pm on Monday 13th June 2011.
  7. The judges in this competition are Louw and Watkins. Neither are eligible to win the prize. Their decisions must be reached by consensus. If consensus cannot be achieved, Glenister will decide and his decision will be final.
  8. The judges will deliberate confidentially and their actions, deliberations and decisions, will not be subject to challenge, review or appeal.
  9. On submission of essays, all who do so by virtue of their entry or participation, submit and agree to this process and these conditions.
  10. Glenister, and, with his permission, Watkins and Louw, will be free to publish or disseminate as he or they see fit all or any of the essays.
  11. Watkins and Louw, by agreeing to act as judges, neither accept nor incur any explicit or implicit liability in connection with the award other than their solemn undertaking to conduct themselves to the best of their abilities to act in all respects impartially and in good faith.
  12. If all three agree that none of the essays merit the award, or that only one does so, no award or only one award may be made.
  13. Glenister, Watkins and Louw will not, under any circumstances whatsoever, either jointly or severally, be responsible or liable for any loss, damage, injury, death or other disadvantage that may arise from participation or involvement by any person in this competition.
  14. The winners of this competition, by virtue of their entry or participation, agree unconditionally to take reasonable steps, if asked, to represent and promote the cause of libertarianism at FreedomFest and in South Africa during the period preceding it and for six months thereafter. In particular, they agree, if asked, to be a speaker or participant in panel discussions at FreedomFest and in South Africa during the specified period on topics within their competence.
  15. Awardees undertake to provide Glenister, Watkins and Louw with a written article or report on FreedomFest within one month thereof with a view to local circulation and publication.
  16. It is not a condition of entry that candidates must be committed or well-informed libertarians. However, all contestants warrant, by their participation, that they are sincerely interested in libertarianism and that they are generally well-disposed towards the idea of personal liberty even if they do not describe themselves as libertarians.


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